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The iPhone Photography Crash Course

The iPhone Photography Crash Course is actually two courses in one.  I call each course a "Pillar".  The first pillar is the iPhone Camera Crash Course.  The Second pillar is the Composition Classroom Course.   These two courses will enable you to compose and shoot amazing iPhone photos.   Let's take a closer look at each course.

Pillar 1- iPhone Camera Crash Course

We all paid a lot of money for our iPhones.

A good chunk of that money goes toward the highly advanced camera system built into it; however, most people are not using their iPhone camera anywhere near its full potential. 

All they do is tap the shutter and take quick snapshots. 

The iPhone camera is capable of so much more than that. 

I can't blame them though, because unfortunately, the iPhone doesn't come with an owner's manual. 

On the surface the iPhone camera is designed to appear simple for the casual user, and it is, if you just want to take quick snapshots.

For those of us who are a little more serious about photography, Apple has provided many camera features that are not so intuitive.

To get the most from your iPhone camera you just need to learn what these features are, where they are and how to use them in different photographic situations. 

This course will help you completely master your iPhone camera in about 90 minutes. 

You Will Learn...
  • How to use all of the features and controls of your iPhone camera (including the hidden features).
  • How to manually control the focus and exposure for extra-sharp, well exposed photos.
  • How to take advantage of exposure compensation to dramatically increase the quality of your photos.
  • How to create amazing panoramic and wide-angle photos even with older iPhone cameras. 
  • How to create exciting action shots with almost unbelievable sharpness and clarity. 
  • How to release your shutter in "stealth mode".  This is great for candid shots.  No one will know that their photo is being taken. 
  • How to add excitement with the "Live Photo" feature. 
  • How to use Long Exposure mode to create beautiful effects.
  • How to get the best shots with Portrait Mode & Portrait Lighting Effects for iPhones equipped with that feature.
  • Basic photo editing with the built-in Photos app.
  • Extra little-known tips for getting photos that are super-sharp and clear.
  • How to take full advantage of your camera's amazing capabilities.
  • Plus much more!

 This is for all iPhone cameras from 5s to the newest iPhone models.

Pillar 2 - Composition Classroom Course

The Composition Classroom course is where you'll learn how to compose beautiful photographs instead of just settling for quick snapshots.  This course will enable you to make the biggest improvements in your iPhone photography.

Many people find it difficult to learn photographic composition.  Well, not with the Composition Classroom.  I’ve broken down the concepts into easy to understand and follow guidelines.  A set of quick, simple rules to follow.  No technical talk or overwhelm here.

The powerful skills that you'll learn in the Composition Classroom are also transferable to any type of camera not just iPhones.  So, if you also have or are planing to buy a DSLR or Mirrorless camera you can use the valuable skills that you'll learn in this course.

You Will Learn...
  • How to use my set of easy composition techniques to immediately start to improve your iPhone photography
  • The difference between quick snapshots and well-composed photographs.  Good composition is the key to great photos regardless of the type of camera you're using.
  • How to recognize a good photo opportunity when you see it.  Most people are blind to the photo opportunities all around them.  I hear so many people say, "There is nothing to shoot where I live".  Well, after going through the Composition Classroom you'll begin to see photo opportunities everywhere.
  • You'll learn the most important rules of composition for iPhone photography to immediately improve your photographic skills.  Practice what you learn in this course and your friends and family will be amazed at the new photos you create.
  • Exactly what to look for when you go out to shoot photos.  With my specific guidelines to follow you'll immediately know if a subject or scene has good potential to be a great photo.
  • How to quickly compose a scene so that even your quick snapshots will be great memory photos that you'll be proud to keep and share.
  • How to take photos from different angles and perspectives to add interest and impact.
  • How to take better photos while vacationing or traveling.  Who wants the same old average photos that everyone else is taking at popular locations. 
  • Plus Much More!

Short, Fast & Easy Video Tutorials

The iPhone Photography Crash Course is an "On-Demand" video training program.  After purchasing, you sign in to the private member's area to watch the videos whenever it's convenient for you.

Each video is about 5 to 10 minutes long and covers one iPhone camera feature so, even if you only have 10 minutes per day you can watch one per day and learn one new thing at a time. 

Of course, you can also "binge-watch" as much as you like, Netflix style.  Then go out and practice what you've learned.

There is no technical talk so, everything is easy to follow and understand.  The training is specifically designed not to be overwhelming.  It’s all step-by-step and it’s fast and easy. 

Your access to the course does not expire.  Watch whenever you want and as often as you like.

Also Included...

The Private Facebook Members Only Community

The private group is exclusively for paid iPhone  Photography Club members and course owners.

Here are some benefits of the private community... 

  • A fun place to show off your photos and newly learned photo skills.
  • Share your lesson assignment photos for evaluation by your peers.  The community is a great place to get other people's opinions on your work. 
  • It’s a good place to ask questions.  I spend lots of time in the group myself.
  • It’s also a place to become inspired by other member’s photos and creativity.
  • You can also share the results of your photo experiments and ask for feedback on your work.

The iPhone Photography Crash Course





  • iPhone Camera Crash Course
  • Composition Classroom Course
  • Private Members Community
  • Lifetime Access to Videos
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Enroll Now!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

During the first 30 days of enrollment if you find that the iPhone Photography Club is not living up to your expectations for any reason just email me to request a refund.  You can do that by clicking the Contact link at the bottom of any page on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s “On Demand” video training.  This means you can watch whenever you want, for as long as you want, on your iPhone, iPad or computer.  The video lessons are located in a private member’s area of this site and available for online viewing. 

It's a "Crash Course" so it's the fastest way to learn.  Total training time is about 2.5 hours to watch both courses.  I do recommend extra time for practicing. 

It's perfect for people with a limited amount of time to spend learning.  Most videos are between 5 and 15 minutes long so, there are no big, time commitments.  You can watch a lesson whenever you have an extra 5 to 15 minutes. 

For the best results I recommend the iPhone 5s all the way up to the the newest iPhone models.  

No, at this time the videos must be viewed online in the private member's area. 

This is due to theft and my hard work showing up on video sharing sites for previous courses that I've created.  Thanks for understanding.

No, the one-time enrollment fees gives you lifetime access to the video tutorials.

If you have any additional questions please use the contact link at the bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you!


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