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Photography has changed so much over the years.  Who would have thought a phone would become the most popular camera in the world?  Since everyone now has a camera with them at all times it's harder than ever to take photos that don't simply look like everyone else's photos.  One way your photos can stand out is by editing your photos and developing your own style.

Typically, learning editing with desktop programs like Photoshop and Lightroom can be very difficult, but my new course will show you how to edit and retouch your photos on a simple but powerful app called Snapseed.  With Snapseed you can edit you photos right on your iPhone or iPad.

What Will I Learn?

Did you know that just about all of the really good photos that you see online have been edited?  This is because it's so easy to do these days since you don't need a darkroom. 

After going through this course you'll have fun editing your photos to look just they way you want them to.  This can be done right in your iPhone or iPad.

  • How to master Snapseed, Google's FREE, professional mobile photo editing app.
  • Transform your good photos into great photos with simple iPhone editing techniques.
  • Enhance colors and fix the exposure in your photos.
  • Sharpen your images to bring out the details and clarity.
  • How to remove noise and pixelation in skies. 
  • How to use selective editing adjust or fix specific areas of your photos.
  • How to correct white balance for beautiful, accurate colors. .
  • How to correct perspective distortion in buildings and architecture.
  • Remove unwanted items such as dust spots, blemishes and even wrinkles from your images.
  • Portrait retouching - People often don't like how they look in photos.  You'll be able to make them look great!
  • How to use all of the various filters in Snapseed to create amazing effects such as Grunge, Retrolux, HDR Scape, Dramatic Black and White and lots more.
  • Advanced tactics such as, working with stacks, using the masking brush and creating double exposures.
  •  Plus much more!

Structure of the Course

This course is "On-Demand" video training.  You'll sign in to the private member's area to watch the videos whenever it's convenient for you.  Watch the videos as often as you like.

Each video is about 5 to 10 minutes long so, if you only have 10 minutes per day you can watch one per day and learn one new thing at a time.  Short, concise videos make it easy to remember what you learn.  Of course, you can also "binge-watch" as much as you like, Netflix style.

There is no technical talk so everything is easy to follow and understand.  The training is designed specifically not to be overwhelming.  It’s all step-by-step and it’s fast and easy.

You'll be amazed at how much fun this is and how soon you'll be able to create spectacular looking photos.

Bonus Section!

iPhone Photography Art Lab

What Will I Learn?

The iPhone Photo Art Lab is a group of short tutorials that will teach you how to do creative and artistic editing.  Each 5 to 15 minute video lesson will teach you how to do one specific task.  For example, you can learn to create a "splash of color" effect in less than 15 minutes.  Then you will have that skill under your belt to use on as many photos that you like. 

These quick tutorials are great for people with a very limited amount of time, but still want to get creative and make some amazing photos.  See some examples below, of the types of photos that you'll be able to create after going through these short tutorials.  Plus, many more lessons will be added to this section over time.

Learn artistic editing to create beautiful "Splash of Color" photos

Learn easy techniques to create stunning "black background" photos

Also, learn how to make new photos look like grungy vintage photos

Learn how to create eye-catching, blurred background photos.

Photos like this may make people think you used a very expensive DSLR camera & lens kit.

Hint:  You can do this with any iPhone.  You don't need one of the high-end models with Portrait mode.

Learn how to easily change the sky!

Imagine seeing something you'll only see once in your lifetime and there just happens to be an ugly gray sky.  Don't settle for it!  You will have to power to change the sky!

Learn how to remove unwanted people or distracting items from your photos.

You can do this on your iPhone or iPad with an optional $1.99 app

Go from Beginner to Editing Master!

Greatly Improve your Editing Skills in a Couple of Days Instead of Months



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  • Bonus - iPhone Photo Art Lab
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

During the first 30 days of enrollment if you find that the iPhone Photography Club is not living up to your expectations for any reason just email me to request a refund.  You can do that by clicking the Contact link at the bottom of any page on this site.

If you have any questions please use the contact link at the bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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